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Transforming Essential Labour and Social Services

Future Workshops developed the HRSD SuperApp to provide easy access to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development eServices for citizens and residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The app was designed for both iOS and Android platforms, developed in close collaboration with experts from various government departments to identify core functionalities and services for integration. Valuable feedback on user desires and pain points were gathered via user interviews and usability evaluations to design a SuperApp that meets the unique needs of a wide range of users - from citizens and residents to Ministry staff - to guarantee inclusiveness and easy access.

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HRSD Services at your fingertips

Exploring the exceptional performance metrics of the HRSD App reveals its significant impact in optimizing government eServices.

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Digital Cards and Biometric Security

Digital cards bring a host of priority services to your fingertips. These cards are specifically designed to cater to seniors and people with disabilities, providing them with easy access to essential services such as disabled parking. The convenience they offer significantly enhances the day-to-day experiences of these individuals, making accessibility more straightforward and stress-free.

The app features a comprehensive status tracking system, enabling users to effortlessly monitor their service requests. Whether it's a query about parking availability or any other service, users can track their requests in real time. This system ensures users are always updated, enhancing their experience with timely and relevant information.

The biometric authentication feature not only fortifies the security of the system but also streamlines the login process. By using unique biological traits for authentication, users enjoy a swift and secure access to their accounts, eliminating the need for remembering complex passwords or undergoing tedious login procedures.

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HRSD on Apple Vision Pro

The HRSD app for Apple Vision Pro represents a significant milestone for digital governance within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The app was introduced at the LEAP conference as the first ministry-level application for the platform. Its launch demonstrates a commitment to enhancing government service accessibility, utilising Apple Vision Pro's advanced hand and voice commands for an inclusive experience for all users, including those with disabilites.

The application is designed to operate on the Apple Vision Pro's infinite canvas as a readily accessible widget, ensuring that the HRSD app's essential services are always available for users. This approach not only streamlines access to government services but also sets a new standard for integrating such services into the daily lives of citizens, reinforcing the ministry's leading role in fostering a digitally advanced and accessible e-government system.

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SuperApp Canvas

The SuperApp Canvas was used as a template to define the foundational principles of the HRSD SuperApp.

HRSD SuperApp Canvas

The canvas offers a clear, concise, and visual framework that encapsulates the nine fundamental building blocks of the SuperApp development process.

The SuperApp Canvas supported the analysis of the existing services to create an app that offers Key or Unique Access to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development Services. Defining and developing the proper Habit Creating Services for the multi-service platform helped engage users regularly.

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